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A New More Effective way to Advertise Your Business

I have worked in media and advertising for the best part of ten years now and it has evolved considerably in recent years. What worked before doesn’t work quite so well today, writes Dan Cheeseman, founder of

The industry knows this and has been making tweaks along the way. Web banners went from static, to animated to video that interrupt the flow of the article you are reading.

The methods to advertise has been changing rapidly

Basically online advertising has become more fierce to get our attentions.

Whether its a page of advertising in a magazine, a TV commercial during your favourite show, a billboard, a sponsored advert on a social media to a web banner ads; they are desperate for the consumer to connect.

That’s the point – they are desperate. Is this really how a business or brand should make a first impression?

Marketers need to look at the best platforms with how it impacts on the consumer. A platform that demands engaged and happy eye balls, as opposed to annoyed ones!

I am not saying current advertising methods are useless, as that is not true. I am saying there is a much better new generation solution.

The trick is to demand consumer engagement and there is a solution to what is currently out there

However much the advertising industry has tried to evolve the platforms, at the end of the day it is all about disrupting the consumer from their day and that is not a great way to make a first impression.

What consumer is going to like that? Come on, think about it!

It is time for an overhaul of advertising solutions

The consumer is smart and doesn’t want to be bombarded with advertising messages – even if the advert has been matched perfectly to that customer – that is hardly the metric to guarantee success.

It tries to be clever, but it can only go so far. It is dated.

Get in front of your consumers when they want to read your message

The shift or pivot is to place your advert in front of your consumer in a location they want to look. A place that they go looking for and will be engaged by your message. You must get in their line of sight and not just peripheral.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well actually it is quite simple. When consumers pick up their smart mobile phones they do it to see what their friends and family are doing or to reply to any messages sent. Maybe a scan through their social feeds, to read an SMS, WhatsApp or Line message and the likes.

It is these messages they go looking for and want to read.

The solution, simple as it is, yet a huge step forward in delivering effective, engaged advertising. allows businesses and brands to collaborate with aligned social media users to share their campaigns and messages on their social channels.

What it means is when they share your campaign it ensures your message is then read by their friends. Fundamentally as their friends want to see what they share and post.

They will stop and engage with your message as it was posted by their friend.

It is this friend to friend – online word of mouth – that drives the influence of a buying decision.

It is a step that take advertising forward one big step and ensures businesses and brands get their messages heard by their targeted consumers.

Take a look and see for yourself

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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