Effectively manage friends, family, staff & members sharing your social content with measurably better results



  • Content shared on social media by employees, friends and family gets eight times more engagement than content shared by brand channels*
    • And is shared 25 times more frequently*
  • POWERMYPOST is a website that allows you to manage this whole process easily and simply
    • Plus tracks web click rates from each campaign shared by your employees, friends and family

*2014 Edelman Trust Barometer study

More Benefits to Employees, Friends & Family Sharing your content

Greater Lead Conversion

  • Leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently than other leads

Measurably Better Results

  • When employees share messages, companies not only expand their social reach, they also get measurably better results

“Social Posts from friends and employees more relevant and trustworthy than social media blasts from corporate accounts or sponsored posts.”


  1. Online tool that allows you to pool together either friends, family or employees so easier to connect and measure their performance sharing your social posts.
  2. You can build your social content on POWERMYPOST easily and simply ready to be shared
  3. You can invite your group to share the post via POWERMYPOST at a click of a button
  4. Your group can then share your content across all of their social media from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to Instagram
      1. And even their messenger apps likes Messenger, WhatsApp to Line.

Any Business Size will Benefit with

From start-up, family to corporate POWERMYPOST makes it simple and easy to manage having a regular Employee, Friends or Family post sharing strategy

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