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How to Earn More Money Sharing Posts with

There are a few ways in which you can earn more money sharing posts with These are the how our top earners do it.

1. Re-Share your post onto relevant Facebook or LinkedIn groups

Once you have shared your post onto your own wall, your friends will start to see it in their news feeds.

This is great but you can help improve the chances of your post being received well by then sharing it into other groups you are members of. You can even send the post to a friend on Facebook messenger!

It all helps improve your rating – and that means more money in the future. rates your performance based on a number of metrics and the more people that see your shared post, the better you will be rated.

You want to be become a top influencer on and this is shown on your MIA dashboard:

Once a top influencer you will get paid more to share posts within that interest category, like ‘Restaurants’ or ‘Travel’ for example.

2. Invite Your Friends to Join

Every time a friend joins then you will make 5% of whatever they make for sharing posts – forever.

To invite them you need to use a link specific to your account, so that we can assign each member that joins to you.

You can find the invite friend option to the top right of your MIA dashboard.

You can share the link given anywhere – on your social media, send as an SMS, Whatsapp, Line or even an email.

Remember to tell your friends they can make money sharing posts on and you think it is great!

The more friends that join, the more money you will earn.

3. Respond Quickly to Campaign Invites

When you have been matched to a campaign you receive an email to notify you of the opportunity. However if the campaign post gets shared quickly you could miss the cut and be unable to participate.

Be quick to participate!

If a campaign only want 30 social media users to share the post and you are the 31st person to read the invite, then you cannot participate!

You can also check your MIA dashboard to see what campaigns are pending for you to consider sharing.


Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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