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Current advertising has serious flaws yet we still continue to spend our hard earned cash using these platforms at our disposal, even though the results we get are never great.

Consumers are increasingly hating advertising even more with 91% of people say ads are more intrusive today than 2 to 3 years ago. In a new survey, 64% say they hate ads as they are intrusive and annoying and 54% said they hate them because they disrupt what they are doing (source: Hubspot Survey)

If consumers hate advertising that also reflects on the company trying to connect with them via advertising. Hardly the basis to win a new customer with?

Advertising spoils an otherwise positive experience for users when they are online.

For a business wishing to win a new customer there are a number of elements needed to be achieved in their advertising campaign. (1) Are they connecting with their targeted customer, (2) Is the message a key benefit to why this consumer would buy their service or product – you have a limited time to connect so make that first message count, (3) Is the customer engaging in their message? Most of the time the customer is online and not actively wanting to make a buying decision. Often it is just a casual flick through their social feeds to catch up on what their friends have posted, and (4) Is there a clear call to action to take that customer one step closer to buying from you.

Ensure your Advertising is liked and engaged by your customer

There is a solution to all this that ensures you get in front of your targeted customers line of sight (i.e they want to read your message) and that they are engaged and motivated to find out more about you. It is remarkably simple and can be executed within 5-minutes using

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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