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Get your content shared by 100’s social users – Managed Service

“Build Local Customer Trust to Attract More Customers Faster”

Imagine 100’s of relevant social users sharing your business posts on their social feeds for their friends to read. Pretty awesome don’t you think?

What you get with your monthly package:

  • Each month YouAreMIA will get 100, 200, 300 or 400 relevant social users to share your posts on either their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter personal pages – This build trust for your business among their friends and drives more traffic to your business or website. Targeted by interests, where they live, age and gender.
  • YouAreMIA will consult with you and then develop your campaign posts which include a link to your website/Facebook page.
  • At the end of each month you will receive an email report listing all social users who shared your posts, including how many web links each user generated for you.

When social users share your content across their social media it is incredibly powerful for businesses and content creators. Your content will get more interest and powerful web clicks, with users spending longer on your site, this then leads to more customers for your business.

    Having a business post shared by relevant social users for their friends to read builds consumer trust and that is great for sales.

    Having your post shared by social media users will deliver eight times more engagement than content shared by your own business pages. More impressive is that leads captured are seven times more likely to convert than other leads. This due to the influence a social media user has over their friends and family who read the post.

    Get your posts shared by relevant social users to your business with

    Although you can set campaigns up directly on the website and target social users by interests, age, gender and region to share your content, you can also leave everything to us with our managed campaign service.

    *** We have thousands of social users all over Thailand waiting to share your content!***

    Tell us what you want shared and URL links to a specific landing page of your choice (website, Facebook, YouTube etc) and we will set the campaigns up each month and send you the results of each campaign. You will also see on your Google Analytics referral traffic from – which means you can also see how users then go on to read more page views and spend longer on site than with your other advertising campaigns

    Read our customer testimonials – click here.

    How your post will look when shared by social users

    The post content will look like a regular, authentic piece of content and acts as an endorsement from the user whom share the post. This is why the post will get lots of interest from their friends who read it – and that is good for more clicks and improved engagement and time spent on your site. This is proven time and again from businesses using

    You can use any image and headline which will link to any URL link you want!

    Managed Campaigns for your Business – Get Started!

    Let us take care of your monthly YouAreMIA campaigns. We will consult with you each time on your goals, how you want your post to look and where it should link too.

    We will send you all the statistics after each campaign has finished, including:

    • How many social users shared your post,
    • How many web clicks each social share generated (including the cost per click for each campaign),
    • Total number of impressions your campaign got (how many times it was seen).

    We can get your content shared across the following social media: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

    Suggested term would be 6-months and we will invoice you each month.

    Email for more information or to get started.

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      Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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