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Why you should get people sharing your social business posts

When people see business posts that have been shared they find them credible and trustworthy. Getting people to interact with your social media posts is key to getting more visibility, reach and subsequent new business. The more clicks, likes and shares your posts get, the more people see it. Getting social users sharing your business posts is very good for business…

Of all these engagements, ‘shares’ are the most valuable and have the most impact on your business. is an online platform that connects businesses with relevant social users so that they can share their business posts. It is proving an effective and quick way of getting business posts shared by social users.

It is important in order to get more social shares you are relevant to your audience considering sharing – what is their motivation to share your post? In’s case a user is paid a small commission to do so.

But also consider these points when developing your business social posts:

(1) To Reinforce who they are as an individual

People share content that will reflect on how they want to be perceived among friends. Fashion, ideology to sharing content relevant to what they like. They post for their own gratification as much as wanting it to benefit their friends reading.

(2) To support a business or brand

Helping others is still very much a human characteristic and provides self-worth. Social users are also likely to share content from a business or brand if they are interested in the company or content being shared.

(3) Sharing useful content

If a post will help others with some useful hints and tips and the user thinks it will help their friends, then they are likely to share this content.

Summary – Post regularly on the social platforms where your customers exist and try to get your social posts shared by others!

In summary, a business should be regular and consistent in posting on the social media platforms where their customers are found. It helps build a relationship, trust and loyalty. Where business can then excel on social platforms is by getting social users sharing their content – it just looks better and will drive greater engagement than you posting alone.

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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