Influencer marketing

Why influencer marketing drives more customers

The reason businesses and brands advertise is to get more customers, we should never lose sight of this core objective.

It means effective marketing is not just about getting your message in front of your target customer, but getting that customer to then take an action and use your business.

The key is to get a positive consumer outcome to your advertsing

It is actually pretty simple to run some targeted campaigns online and get in front of thousands of customers, but it is not easy for that to then turn into a transaction for your business. 

You could have a billboard advert running in Central Bangkok that is seen by thousands and thousands of eye balls a day, but where is the proof of the conversion? You could run an online web banner campaign and get thousands of impressions, but often the click through to your website is very low. Not only that but if you have sent traffic to your website, how do you make sure it’s not a casual view where the user comes and goes within seconds. It happens all the time. 

The business world faces these challenges everyday. More often than not it results in the business changing its campaign promotion or message, as it stands to reason that must be the problem right? Well, in lots of cases no that is wrong too.

Advertising is far more than just getting in front of your target consumer

There is one thing putting your message in front of a customer, there is another thing altogether creating influence so that the customer responds to the message. 

The modern day consumer is much harder to influence these days and has become largely blinkered to the hundreds of advertising messages that are thrown in front of them every day. The public had no choice than to adapt this way, otherwise it would be overwhelming.

Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you something. 

It means as a business you must evolve and adapt in order to connect with new customers. You need to stay ahead of the curve.

Influencer marketing is not new but it has changed a lot over the last few years.  Influencer marketing is where you rely on a known person who has a following/audience, to endorse and promote your product. People trust other people and this therefore goes some way to providing that missing ingredient that turns exposure into a consumer action. 

But there is a problem – and that comes with time and changing consumer behaviours. People know that the larger influencers with thousands if not millions of followers have sold out and cashed in from sponsorship deals and endorsements.

It means what worked yesterday in this space, works less well today. 

Then along come that has transformed the influencer marketing space by offering a service for businesses and brands that ensures their campaigns and posts carry real influence every time. And they have done this by using real people and their huge online influencing ability over their friends and family. 

We are receptive and therefore influenced by what our friends tell us

Put it this way, you are more likely to listen to a recommendation made by your friend or family member than a large influencer you follow who you hardly know. That is just fact. pools together thousands of every day social media users and categorises them by factors such as interests, age, gender and where they live. It now means businesses and brands can very easily identify the right social media user for them to help promote them.

Furthermore is easy to use, cost effective and provides full analytical review of how a campaign worked for a business and brand. 
For your business in Thailand to stay ahead and attract new customers, you must use the current marketing tools that work now – which is why you should check our and see just how easily it can help your business.

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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