Influencer marketing

Significant Benefits for Businesses from Social Users and Influencers Sharing their Content

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become an essential tool for businesses to promote their brand and reach…

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Top 5 Ways to make Influencer marketing work in Thailand

There is a shift in advertising spends with businesses and brands realizing influencer marketing is the real deal in Thailand.…

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Advertising that engages your customer

Current advertising has serious flaws yet we still continue to spend our hard earned cash using these platforms at our…

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92% of consumers trust word of mouth over advertising

It doesn’t need to bit hit or miss whether your advertising works or not, if you do it correctly. The…

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How to find influencers in Thailand for my business

Promoting your business has come a long way since the days of print advertising, the shift online is all but…

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What is the purpose of Influencer Marketing?

The aim of influencer marketing is to strategically exploit the power of the influence of a given person in order…

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A New More Effective way to Advertise Your Business

I have worked in media and advertising for the best part of ten years now and it has evolved considerably…

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How to get 10,000 targeted online word of mouth endorsements for 1,000 baht in Thailand

Whatever your business or size word of mouth endorsements are incredibly powerful and without question deliver more customers. When one…

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‘Everyone Can Influence’ – Game Changing Advertising Platform Launches in Thailand

Business owners have over the last decade seen online advertising not only disrupt but pretty much destroy traditional advertising options…

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How to grow your business via word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing is what happens when someone who isn’t directly connected with your business talks about your business…

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