580 Baht (USD$18) spend, 3.97 baht cost per click and 3 bookings

If you are not yet convinced on the power of friend to friend online endorsement then take this recent testimonial from a Koh Chang restaurant in Thailand. What makes this even more powerful is that Koh Chang is very quiet at the moment.

The Beach Club is located in the stunning Blue Haven Bay area of the island and is a beautiful beach fronted Italian restaurant. It has struggled for bookings recently due to lack of tourists on the island (International borders remain closed at time of campaign).

The Beach Club Restaurant on Koh Chang

It means the restaurant had to reach out to the local community and those that visit from mainland on weekends.

They set a budget of 750 baht on YouAreMIA.com and the website matched their campaign to aligned social media users who said they have an interest in restaurants.

YouAreMIA.com offered the campaign to 102 matched social media uses (‘influencers’) and 13 of those liked the promotion post and agreed to share it on their social media. This at a cost of 580 baht for The Beach Club.

The 13 social media users that shared the post among their friends and family generated 146 clicks to the Beach Clubs Facebook page.

Here is the actual data from The Beach Club campaign on YouAreMIA.com

The Beach Club reported 3 bookings as a direct result of customers seeing the post shared from social media users through YouAreMIA.com.

That is a powerful response.

It is not only the low cost per click rate but the influence that delivered a customer action

YouAreMIA.com allows business to collaborate with social media users who have an interest in their business type. Business can also match by age, gender and the location of each social media user.

Digital Form of word of mouth

The reason this way of advertising is so effective is it’s a digital form of word of mouth. People listen to what their friends have to say, or in this case post on their social media.

It means when people scroll through their social media feeds they stop and engage with what their friends post. And this is how business can get in front of targeted customers effectively and also get a consumer action.

Friends want to see what their friends have posted – and this is how you get quality engagement for your business

It is the added influence that comes from the fact that their friend has share that business campaign message.

YouAreMIA.com is ahead of the curve and business who run campaigns will get that edge over their competitors.

Try a campaign for yourself – it is has been developed so that it easy for anyone to set up and YouAreMIA.com will give you the full data analysis at the end of your campaign. Click here to start: https://www.youaremia.com/business

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of www.youaremia.com

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