Testimonials: YouAreMIA.com averages lower priced cost per clicks than other online platforms in Thailand

For most businesses and brands whom advertise online, the first metric they use as a barometer of their campaigns success is what was the Cost Per Click (CPC). Cost Per Click is how much it cost to generate one user click through to their website.

At YouAreMIA.com we know it is more important to send the right customer to your website rather than lots of customers who will not end up buying from you anyway. What’s the point in that? It is why you also need some influence behind the customer when they click through to your website. A little nudge to ensure they pay attention to your website when they land on it!

Never underestimate the power that influence can have over your advertising messages

You can read more about the importance of attaching influence to a web click in our article here: How to deliver low priced cost per clicks and influence to get more customers.

However, as most businesses want to compare cost per click, let us show you how YouAreMIA.com delivers lower priced cost per clicks than the industry leaders.

Cost per Click Comparisons by Platform

For now however, let’s look at average cost per clicks in Thailand on the two most popular options: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Both incredibly strong platforms.

It costs money to generate website traffic

According to Instapage.com, the average cost per click in Google Ads across all industries is USD$2.41 / 72 baht on the search network and USD$0.59/ 17 baht on the display network.

According to TWF Digital, the average cost per click on Facebook Ads in Thailand is 53.09 baht of which different average based on each industry:

How does YouAreMIA.com Cost per Click compare?

Let’s look at all campaigns run in the first few weeks of this year (this article was written on 20th January 2021):

The most important statistic here is the cost per click average: 10 baht.

There have been 9 campaigns in the last 20 days (3 still active and 6 completed). The average spend was $357 baht (Businesses testing the platform for the first time with smaller budgets as we are only new to the market). Most important is the cost per click average: 10 baht.

The average cost per click is 10 baht / USD$0.33 with YouAreMIA.com. We are outperforming industry leaders because we are able to improve customer engagements and subsequent actions (We will tell you how in a moment).

We also have some super cool new features to make advertising even more fun and effective for businesses and brands in Thailand.

As we improve the code logic we can improve this CPC rate quite considerably and we also have some super cool new features to make advertising even more fun and effective for businesses and brands in Thailand.

So, How does YouAreMIA.com work?

Firstly, rest assured, we have made it very easy for anyone to set up a campaign with YouAreMIA.Com. We know that for most of you, online advertising is alien territory and the simpler and easier it is to set up the better.

YouAreMIA has thousands of social media users who have joined our online community, each has shared their demographics, interests, hobbies and where they live.

Businesses can go onto YouAreMIA and filter the relevant social media users for their business. These are also potential customers, it’s worth noting too!

Once they have identified their ‘influencers’ they can offer a campaign for them to share on their social media. These campaigns will then get read by their friends and family whom follow them.

This creates a very powerful online friend to friend endorsement. This influence means the friends will stop and read your campaign message as they scroll through their social feeds as it was posted by their friend.

Help is at hand to set up a Winning Campaign with YouAreMIA.com!

If you want some help on setting up a successful campaign, we have a very useful article here: How to run a good campaign on YouAreMIA.com.

Just this month we helped a local property agent in Pattaya, Global Property, set up a campaign.

Real Estate adverts tend to cost far more in terms of cost per click as it’s a more competitive industry. You will note in the table above that the average CPC on Facebook for real estate is 57.2 baht.

They ended up spending $1,029 baht, which generated 146 clicks at an average rate of 7.05 baht per click (CPC). Pretty impressive stuff.

And it will only get better as we continue to develop YouAreMIA.com.

We want your Business to Succeed, so try a campaign with YouAreMIA.com

The founders of YouAreMIA.com have a long history in advertising, marketing and media. They understand the needs of businesses and brands in wanting cost-effective advertising solutions.

Let’s win together!

Furthermore, as YouAreMIA.com is a new advertising platform, it is largely uncontested space and your competitors would not have yet taken advantage of it themselves.

Now is your moment to try and campaign and see for yourself, by all means set up a 500 baht initial campaign – although we recommend a minimum spend of 1,000 baht as this tends to deliver superior cost per click rates.


Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of www.youaremia.com

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