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‘Everyone Can Influence’ – Game Changing Advertising Platform Launches in Thailand

Business owners have over the last decade seen online advertising not only disrupt but pretty much destroy traditional advertising options like radio and print. If you want to get results you need to follow the consumer, and the consumer is now online.

With online campaigns businesses are also able to measure the effectiveness from impressions, cost per click to even the demographics of the user viewing their promotion.

As digital became the norm for business and brands to engage and connect with its targeted consumer, it began to evolve and get smarter.

The dawn of YouTubers and Instagrammers started to make a noise and with large followings became very attractive to business wanting to add influence to their messages. It proved very smart indeed as marketers realised consumers responded to endorsements and recommendations far more than just seeing a standard sponsored post or banner advert.

The holy grail was to take it further and more intimate than that, which is why micro-influencers with smaller followings also started to emerge. They proved even better, but the issue was managing a campaign with 10 or so micro influencers, when previously one larger influencer would have just been used.

But – and the team at quickly realised this – the real influencers in this world are regular social media users like you and I. The ability to influence your friends and family is so much easier than an influencer can with their followers. There is more trust and there is a genuine relationship already in place. launches in Thailand and impresses early adopters

What YouAreMIA does so well is pool together thousands of social media users from all demographics and wide range of interests and makes them available for businesses and brands to collaborate with.

Genuine friend to friend endorsements set to disrupt the market as we know it

The website is an easy one stop for businesses. They can identify the social media users most aligned to their business – from location, age, gender to interests – and run a campaign through the site.

It is so easy that it’s even possible to have a campaign set up and ready to go in under two minutes. Not only that but your budget can be as low as 35 baht if you really wanted – but we would recommend at least a 350 – 500 baht first budget trial.

YouAreMIA will deliver not only a competitive cost per click rate but add that all important influence to ensure a consumer response.

It’s not rocket science, we listen to what our friends tell us – or in YouAreMIA’s case, share on their social media

For advertising to work you need multiple components to get success and the team behind YouAreMIA know this all to well.

Founder, Dan Cheeseman, having worked on both sides of the fence – from his ten years at Coca-Cola Enterprises to working in media from television, print to online – knew the issues and through the years hit on the solution.

The solution sits with leveraging the intimate special relationships every day social media users have over their friends and family. This is what does.

No one can influence more effectively than one friend to another

Forget followers which influencers have – you need to have a better connection with your audience than that to get a consistent consumer action. Influencers will get you some success, but nothing like a friend to friend recommendation will.

And so was born and the early tests time and time again not only deliver better to at least comparable cost per click rates, but the click generated to a website or Facebook page comes with the power of the influence behind it. The fact a friend read the promotion as a post their friend shared on their social media creates a strong, emotional nudge that helps deliver a vastly improved result for the business or brand.

It is so difficult to run an advertisement and get a consumer action with enough frequency to make it worth while, but now it appears the solution is in place to help businesses from small to corporate.

Don’t just take our word for it, set up a campaign and look not only at the full analytics report will generate for you – but from the end result, did you get more customers?

To check out the site – Click here

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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