Why businesses should be collaborating with real people to help promote them

It is a minefield where ever consumers look as they are getting bombarded with advertising messages. It’s not fun and for sure they don’t really like it.

Web banners, pop-ups, sponsored posts, newsletters, YouTube adverts, commercial TV breaks, billboards – it just doesn’t end. We are continually looking at finding ways to connect and sell to our target consumers. In turn consumers learn to switch off from this noise.

But, it’s time to take a step back and remind ourselves of what really works… and it’s common sense really.

A friend telling their friend they visited a nice restaurant or a work colleague recommending a good movie to watch. These are the moments and interactions that properly result in a consumer action.

Advertising must cause a feel good and not an annoyance

When an advert interrupts my YouTube viewing or an animated web banner screams for my attention when I try and read a web article it is annoying. I don’t like it – yet the advertiser thinks it’s a good thing!

Current advertising methods just annoy the consumer!

When somebody I know talks to me and suggests new ideas of places to go or somewhere nice to eat. I listen and like it. It is not seen as an advert but a pleasant interaction.

The two experiences are polar apart. One is great and one is not.

This is why advertising as we know it has to take a step back and look to promote businesses and brands whilst creating a feel good interaction between their targeted customer.

It is no longer just about getting your message in front of your customer, but doing it in a pleasant way.

Here is your solution

The solution is for businesses to use word of mouth strategies. Leverage the influence of one friend recommending something to another friend.

It is where advertising works best and it gets results.

Trust your own instinct on this one, as it’s obvious. is a website that has thousands of registered social media users waiting for you to connect with them. They have shared their interests, age, gender and locations so you can work with those right for your business.

It means in under a few minutes you can set up a campaign post and identify the social media users aligned and interested in your business.

Once identified you can select how many you wish to participate and will invite them to share your post.

Instantly these every day social media users will start to share your messages and website links across their social media. You have now become a friend to friend interaction. Your post will get read and positively engaged with as it was shared by a friend to the person reading.

Be a positive connection with customers using word of mouth

Now your business is part of this proven word of mouth strategy. It works and will give you all sorts of analytics after the campaign has finished – such as cost per click – to review the success.

It is the answer to effective advertising and makes sense for a reason: It works. Try your first campaign now:

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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