What is Nano Marketing and Why Your Business should start immediately

“I don’t need to go into why traditional forms of online advertising is getting less and less effective for business owners. Largely it comes down to consumers becoming blinkered to these messages. I am sure you have tried these options and not really had the response you had hoped for.” writes advertising and media expert, Dan Cheeseman.

“Banners, sponsored adverts, keywords, advertorials – the tricks and tactics are numerous. There is a misunderstanding that to drive more customers to your business you just need to get in front of them. Well that is just wrong.

The analytics, such as impressions, will reassure that you are getting in front of your targeted audience but it can mask issues. More often than not the customer is not engaged with your business message and has better things to do with their time.

Most engagements are halfhearted and not conducive to you winning some new business. Only use the analytics as guidelines for your advertising campaign, as the only real statistic you should care about it whether you got a customer lead or visit.

What is Nano Marketing?

For some time I have wanted to work out how businesses and brands can collaborate with every day social media users as this is where powerful influence comes from.

Today it is commonly thought that a big number of followers means there is an actual influence on people.

However, an endorsement from a smaller influencer can have a much bigger impact than one who has hundreds of thousands of followers.

This may sound quite surprising, right?

There is a new trend of collaborating with nano-influencers for the exact same reason: their high impact on their audience.

Nano influencers can be as low as 500 followers and that’s a marketers dream

Nano influencers audience tend to be people they know from friends, work colleagues to family members. These more intimate connections lead to more trust, better engagement and a greater ability to influence.

According to the recent State of Influencer Marketing 2019 by HypeAuditor, the engagement rate of nano-influencers is twice as high as that of other groups of influencers.

It’s an uncontested space that gives your business a competitive advantage

I have done the trials and compared campaigns across all online media options and nothing comes close to capturing the magic ingredient that nano-influencer campaigns offer.

Real every day social media users are your secret weapon

Getting every day social media users (‘nano influencers’) who have an interest in your product or service to share your campaign messages is currently uncontested space.

Most business is just waking up to influencer marketing and exploring macro and micro influencers. Both are more expensive and have less influence over their larger audiences.

Nano influencers for me is just a buzz word being used, the reality is they are anyone with social media. Regardless of what you call them, they are extremely powerful for your business.

The fact you are reading this article means you are just a small step away from making a big difference for your business. Now you just need to try a campaign within this nano-influencer space.

And that is where the first problem starts, where to start and how?! But don’t worry as there is a solution… manages everything for you

The issue with trying to identify the right nano influencers for your business and then trying to manage multi-campaigns with tens to hundreds of individuals (‘nano-influencers’) is daunting.

Until it was pretty much impossible. Now with you can identify the correct influencers who are interested in your business already, set your campaign up and even manage the analytics for you so you can see how each nano-influencer performed.

Its easy, cost-effective and will give you the results you want.

I strongly urge you give a small campaign a try and see yourself.”

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Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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