Property Advert with YouAreMIA delivers 82% more page views and 79% longer stay on customer website than average

YouAreMIA helps businesses in Thailand deliver more effective online advertising campaigns.

MIA will share your content among relevant social users to post on their social media. Your post will not look like a regular advert as you usually see on your mobile, which you scroll past as quickly as possible.

With MIA your post is now more trustworthy as it is a piece of content shared by a social user for their friends to read. Your post will get more attention, generate more powerful web clicks and ultimately attract more customers for your business.

Siam Royal View Property Development Advert Results with YouAreMIA.com

Siam Royal View recently tested a small 500 THB campaign with YouAreMIA.com and were delighted with the results. At this budget, 11 social media users were matched and shared their campaign post on their Facebook pages.

What is key is the quality of the web click to their website, which meant users who clicked the post then looked at 6.55 pages per session versus the average of 3.58 pages. The average time spent on their website went up from 1minute 49 seconds to 3m 15second from users MIA generated. Not only that but bounce rate was 0%, which meant every user visited more than one page.

MIA delivered more engaged customers to the Siam Royal View property website
This was the post created on MIA that social users shared on their Facebook pages

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of www.youaremia.com

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