How YouAreMIA will give a business that competitive edge – 5 Customer Testimonials

If you are a business in Thailand and want to send quality customers to your website who will spend 80% longer and all with low priced cost per click rates or just want to get in front of engaged, interested customers then let YouAreMIA.com help you deliver these results whatever your business, just like these other businesses in Thailand.

YouAreMIA works effectively for all business types in Thailand – And here is the proof!

Siam Royal View new villa sales campaign – Low Cost Per Click Rates

Not only generated web clicks as low as 4.33 THB, but users then went on to visit 23% more page views and less bounce rate than the same campaign run on other online advertising platforms. For a spend of 2050 THB they generated 474 web clicks from engaged/interested customers.

Global Property in Pattaya – Gained Property Listings

Used MIA to attract new property listings – which was very targeted as only customers wanted to sell their properties would respond. On a spend of under 2k THB they attracted 101 web clicks for people interested in listing their properties.

Global Insurance – Attracted Expat Insurance Leads

Spent less than 1k THB to attract Expat Insurance leads and generated 73 clicks at 13 THB cost per click.

Content creators – Credible, Trustworthy Advertising Option with MIA

Wanting to promote their posts without it looking like an advert – that would damage their credibility – are also having fantastic success on MIA. Dan about Thailand ran two campaigns to send traffic to his blogs at 5.84 and 5.78 cost per click. Idea Studio sent traffic to their YouTube channel at 7.92 cost per click.

Why YouAreMIA will work for all businesses in Thailand

With MIA you can simply and conveniently set up posts and invite relevant social users to share it on their own social media pages like Facebook which their friends will go on to read. This acts as an endorsement and as such their friends will engage with your post and that generates compelling interest and quality web clicks. You now stand out from your competition.

It works for all business types from real estate, insurance, restaurants, resorts, beauty, eCommerce to content creators. 

Having your content shared by social users rather than an advert makes you credible and trustworthy and that is good for business and attracting more customers – whilst doing it with the added benefit of low priced cost per clicks. The numbers really do add up and offer you excellent returns on your advertising spends.

Try a campaign, it is easy and quick to set up and will give you the results you are looking for: www.youaremia.com

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of www.youaremia.com

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