Influencer marketing

What is the purpose of Influencer Marketing?

The aim of influencer marketing is to strategically exploit the power of the influence of a given person in order to decide another’s behavior. On the mega-influencer level, these individuals can exist in the form of celebrities, sports stars or people with a similar social status, or they can exist in the form of micro-influencers on the opposite end of the spectrum: ordinary consumers who have influence on related issues with their peers on social media.

Influencer marketing also operates on social media platforms hand in hand with content marketing, social media marketing, and other related types of brand promotion. However, since it harnesses the power of credibility and confidence that can only come from word-of-mouth ads, it goes a step further than traditional social media or content strategies.

Although other online marketing like sponsored posts will usually deliver a better cost per impression (i.e how many people see the post), it does not equate to lead like an influencer post would.

Influencers are great at converting leads and sales

Influencers are super strong at driving a consumer action

This is because the strength of influence from the person posting over their followers or peer group is high and so people will respond more favourably.

It is incredibly powerful and the market now recognises the smaller, more intimate the relationship of the influencer, the better the conversion of the post.

It means every day social media users who don’t see themselves as influencer per se, are in every sense the strongest influencers of them all over their followers. People trust others, the closer and stronger their relationship.

It is why the latest market place platform is proving so beneficial to businesses and marketers because it connects them with relevant every day social media users.

Once connected they can collaborate to share business campaigns among their friends and families and this is seeing great sales conversions.

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