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How to deliver low priced cost per clicks and influence to get more customers

It can be a minefield pulling together a Facebook or GoogleAd campaign and often the only metric we care about is the cost per click.

But, this is a dangerous metric to use in isolation as in reality it’s easy to push traffic to a website, but not so easy to send the right customer who is ready to make a purchase.

Effective advertising is an art form and take years of experience to master, and to be honest most of us never do. What worked today will not work tomorrow.

Consumers are continuously evolving. How do you connect with the right messages and creatives? Are consumers viewing FacebookAds more passively and not really in buying modes when casually looking through their news feeds? Why is it so difficult to set up a GoogleAd campaign?

Questions like these are continuous, so it’s understandable advertisers simplify it by just using cost per click as the metric to de clutter the mess.

Using keywords on GoogleAds is a great tool to get your business in front of customers looking for your services. It certainly does its job here. No question, you will appear on relevant searches, but there are a couple of issues with this too.

If you operate in a competitive industry like finance, property to even beauty, you compete for this space and this pushes the price up. Your cost per click rate can become very high (If you are interested in reducing your cost per click rates – Click to read this article).

Further more it is missing an ingredient that more and more global businesses are waking up to, and that is the influence.

Nothing beats a little nudge from our friends and family to help make a decision

Very often we need that nudge from a friend or family member to encourage us to make a decision. We can find a business online and read up on them but then not take that final action – To contact them!

If you don’t think this is true then go and look at your google analytics on your businesses website now. You may have had 1,000 people visit your website in the last month, but only got 10 leads. Something is not right.

You may have had 1,000 people visit your website in the last month, but only got 10 leads. Something is not right, but there is a solution.

We all need a little nudge sometimes to make a decision and this comes from our friends

We can all be a little indecisive at times and unable to make that final buying decision, more so on more expensive purchases.

No cost per click metric will ever out power the influence friends have over each other

The reason influencer marketing is starting to boom is it acts like an arm around our shoulder, telling us it’s all OK to make that purchase. But, until now, it was still not quite right. The real influencing nudge we need is from our friends and family, not a larger influencer who we don’t really know.

This is why comes to our rescue and allows businesses to run online campaigns across social media like Facebook and Twitter, with the influence of friends and family added.

How works for businesses and brands

YouAreMIA has thousands of social media users who have joined their online community, each has shared their demographics, interests, hobbies and where they live.

Businesses can go onto YouAreMIA and filter the relevant social media users for their business. These are also potential customers, it’s worth noting too.

Once they have identified their ‘influencers’ they can offer a campaign for them to share on their social media. These campaigns will then get read by their friends and family whom follow them.

Everybody is an influencer

Now, the business has real influence behind their messages as it is effectively being endorsed by a relevant social media user – who we know has an interest in their business – among their friends and family.

Now when users flick through their news feeds, when they see a friend has shared your campaign message it will become more powerful. This is the all important influence of using targeted, every day social media users to promote your messages among their friends.

When the customer now clicks on your web link that has been shared, they are more motivated and keen to understand what you have to say – as it has been endorsed by someone they actually know.

With not only will you get a competitive cost per click but now the power of influence to get that customer lead.

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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