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How to drive engaged customers to your website

Smart marketing is all about engaging with your target market and this has moved the goal posts in terms of how you must advertise. Businesses can now attract new customers far more effectively if they change the way they connect.

Although web banners or sponsored online posts get some visibility it is still difficult to understand the benefit of just achieving an impression – where one person sees your advert. Actual click through rates to your website remain very low, because the engagement is simply not there.

It is well documented about the benefits to generate good blog content in order to build online searchable content, but the difficulty here is everyone does this and so you can get drowned out by others when customers google search.

Customers like good content to read online, so the strategy of developing online content – be that written or in video form – is great, but it must get read to become effective. And there is a solution.

In marketing terms it is often refereed to as content seeding. Where you use influencers to share your content as they have the trust of their followers – a clear step forward versus web banners and online advertising campaigns. But to get even better engagement rates it comes from when one friend shares your post online that is then read by their friends.

We are now entering the realm of super trust and interest in what is being posted.

With you can connect your business – and content – with relevant social media users by region, age, gender and interests to share your content on their social media for their friends to read.

Campaign on YouAreMIA delivers great cost per click rates and engaged users

Blog post shared on YouAreMIA in Thailand

This blog was shared from a bloggers website that averaged 41 seconds per visitor, yet using YouAreMIA and the endorsement from one friend to another increased time on site from visitors to 1min 10 seconds. A huge uplift all because the visitor came via reading the post on their friends social feed.

The campaign generated great clicks to the website at a cost of only 25 cents (USD) – or in Thailand currency $7.5 Thai Baht.

Using allows you to push your campaign messages out to an engaged audience that don’t just click on your link – but then go on to spend more time than average on your website.

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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