33 Social Media Users Share Campaign Post for only USD$51 (1,631 THB)

This campaign cost example is typical across all campaigns business run on YouAreMIA.com. On a budget of USD$51 it resulted in 33 targeted social media users sharing the campaign post on their social media feed (in this case it was Facebook).

When a social media user shares your campaign post – which includes links to your website – it brings with it engaged reach as people want to see what their friends post on their social media, which now includes your business message!

The fact someone has shared your post on their social feeds also brings with it a form of endorsement and trust to their friends that read it. This means when a friend clicks on your post link for further information, the level of engagement on your website is much higher than usual (You can check this on your google analytics too).

Engaged reach and great cost per click rates

In this post example it was a blog post that was shared:

Not only was it shared by 33 matched social media users in Thailand – in this cases the target audience was English speaking Expats of all ages, gender and regions – but it delivered a cost per click (web click to the website) of 7.45 THB (23 cents). Business can also target social media users by specific interests whom they want to share their posts – such as ‘Health & Fitness’, ‘Property’ to ‘Finances’.

YouAreMIA matched the required target consumer with 269 registered social media users on its platform, of which 33 participated which was based on the campaign budget set by the business.

On the YouAreMIA business dashboard as part of the final review of the campaign, the business can see the regions, ages and devices that the post was read by:

YouAreMIA.com is a cost-effective and powerful way to advertise your business to a defined, targeted audience. You can set any budget and it is easy and simple to set up a campaign.

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of www.youaremia.com

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