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How to slash the price you pay for cost per click advertising

If you are a business paying for adverts through online options such as GoogleAds and you are operating in a competitive industry, it means your cost per click rate can be very high. It is high because your competitors want the same keyword as you and this bidding pushes the price up.

The average global cost is over $1 per cost per click and in more developed countries it is even higher. Let’s also take a mid range country, like Thailand, the average cost per click there is 60 cents (18 baht).

If your keywords are insurance, loans or mortgages that price can rocket to well over $4 cost per click.

The other problem is this is only the start of the customer journey, with most spending less than 10 seconds on your website once they open your web page.

So, how can you lower the cost per click rate and drive a more engaged, committed customer visiting your website? If you thought these two objectives don’t mix, then would be wrong. You just need to know where to look…

There are lots of online memes that complain about soaring CPC rates

Say Goodbye to Expensive Cost Per Click Advertising forever

Fact is, cost per click campaigns can be very expensive and there is no guarantee the traffic being directed to your website is quality.

One solution is to find another online route to connect with your targeted customers whilst also addressing the quality of the customer being sent to your website, Facebook page or YouTube channel. allows businesses and brands to connect with every day social media users who have an interest in their service or product already. Once connected businesses can present promotions or updates for that social media user to share on their social media for their friends and family to read.

It is very likely the user will share the post as we already know they have an interest. When they share the post they receive a small payment as a thank you.

It is not only cost effective but a competitive advantage to your business or brand using this method of advertising.

Leaving your competitors to fight in a crowded, expensive key word cost per click arena.

Not only can you bring the cost per click price down – but you get the influence!

Now a business not only gets its message out into the market but it does so with the endorsement of relevant social media users who have shared the post.

Now when their friends and family read the post they are far more engaged with the business message and likely to respond.

Take the below social media post that was set up on

If a user shares your business post they are interested in, chances are their friends are too

This is the influence of using an everyday social media user that they have over their circle of friends and family. 

With you get lower cost per click rates and also more consumer action because of this influence from real people. Not only that but it is much easier to set up than other online advertising platforms, where you need to be a tech geek.

Dan Cheeseman

Dan has worked within FMCG, Media and Advertising in the UK and Thailand for over 20 years and is the founder of

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