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    • The best form of advertising is when a friend tells another friend about your business and through MIA you can now do this multiple times per day.
    • YouAreMIA allows your business or brand to connect with every day social media users targeted by interests, region, age and gender in order for them to share your campaign posts.
    • Now your business message becomes a word of mouth connection every time it is read by their friends on their social media and that leads to better engagement and consumer response.

Benefits of Advertising with YouAreMIA versus other platform alternatives

Traditional Influencer Marketing

  • Campaigns read by an influencers follower not friend and that is a less powerful interaction
  • Unable to target as detailed as MIA which can target by regions, age, gender and interests

Web Banner or Sponsored Post

  • It relies on interrupting consumers and lacks engagement
  • Campaign not in line of sight for consumers, unlike MIA which is a message shared by users friends


  • It is clear this is an advertisement and so consumers more sceptical
  • MIA on the other hand is a campaign shared by customers friends and so demands more attention

Great engagement in advertising
is more important than reach as
this drives consumer action


Identify matched social
media users for your business


Automated and controlled


Full data-driven review of
each campaign

Simple process to set up your campaign on MIA

Just 4 steps needed to set up each campaign on

We will connect your
campaign with
the right social
media users

And if they like the campaign they will share it on their social media

How Your Business will Benefit with MIA

Low Cost per Click rates

  • Every campaign post web clicks counted
  • Every click comes with the added influence from the user who shared the post for their friends to read!

Engaged Messages

  • Your campaign post is shared by social media users and that drives added engagement
  • Your message part of friend to friend online interactions

Cost Effective

  • Your message does not need to fight for attention as users want to read what their friends post on social media
  • It means improved consumer responses and leads generated

High Consumer Response

  • High trust in your campaign message as shared among friends on social media
  • Targeted campaigns mean the right audience read your posts

The Team

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